Social Work Supervision

David is known for readily sharing knowledge and wisdom though providing clear, effective and empowering Social Work Supervision. He often knows the right question to ask to unlock a conversation of self-discovery. David delivers supervision services with gentleness, warmth, empathy and humour.
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Read what others have said about Social Work Supervision with David:

“In a relaxed and yet very professional manner David has created an open platform for learning and problem-solving in my social work supervision sessions. David is an encouraging supervisor and will actively find strength areas to reinforce my practice, which I find is always a valuable part of the process (we all need to know we are doing a good job every now and again!). David will actively share his own personal knowledge and almost always has a resource or two to send my way on the topic at hand. Supervision with David has helped me to continue to develop my fifteen years of social work practice and counselling skills, and I highly recommend David’s supervision services.”
Kerry Stott
“I was fortunate to receive a period of Clinical Social Work Supervision from David for several years. He has an enormous amount of knowledge and skill base particularly in the areas of child and adolescent mental health and with the use of therapeutic modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. David generously shares this knowledge with his supervises, and I always found him very approachable, genuine and that he was committed to providing a safe space for me to reflect in.”
Kylie Stephens
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Professional Social Work Supervision is best defined as: “… a forum for reflection and learning. … an interactive dialogue between at least two people, one of whom is a supervisor. This dialogue shapes a process of review, reflection, critique and replenishment for professional practitioners. Supervision is a professional activity in which practitioners are engaged throughout the duration of their careers regardless of experience or qualification. The participants are accountable to professional standards and defined competencies and to organisational policy and procedures. “
Davys, A. & Beddoe, L. (2010) Best Practice in Professional Supervision: A Guide for the Helping Professions, Jessica Kingsley, London.
David tailors your confidential Social Work Supervision sessions to your unique professional and individual needs, both through pre-planning & through responding to your particular needs at the time.

There are a number of ways that Social Workers may use their Social Work Supervision sessions with David, including but not limited to:

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All of these possibilities are explored in a free initial Zoom call with David, where you can explore whether his Supervision services are right for you.
David provides an extensive Social Work Supervision Contract, which is a powerful collaborative tool for ensuring that your Supervision sessions meet the needs that you have.
Once agreed, Supervision can be set for an initial length of 6 or 12 months, at the frequency that you require.


Once a Supervision Contract has been established, sessions over Zoom are charged at the following rates:

1 hour minimum: $150

Each 30 mins thereafter: $75

Book an initial free Zoom call with David to explore whether his Supervision services are right for you

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